The lush gardens and unmistakable architecture of the Darlington House have graced Nicole George Events’ wedding portfolio time and time again over the past few years! Located in coastal La Jolla California, the Darlington House is one of NGE’s favorite and most frequented venues in San Diego. There are countless reasons as to why we love the Darlington House. The historic charm of the estate, striking architecture, and manicured gardens all play a role in why we continuously recommend this local gem to our couples. We may also be a bit biased since the Darlington House was actually where our Owner and Creative Director, Nicole, had her wedding two years ago!

Read on as we share our favorite past weddings at the Darlington House as well as why we love the design, location and it’s history!

Darlington House La Jolla

Darlington House La Jolla

Sarah & Jason’s Wedding // Photography by Petula Pea Photography

The Design

If the name didn’t already give it away, yes, Darlington House was an actual historic house & landmark. The estate, built in 1925, is a beautiful mix of elegant architectural design influences from the Mediterranean, Italy, France, Spain, and even Egypt! The chandeliers and bookcases alone will leave you in awe. A great selling point for Darlington House is the multiple spaces/locations within the property that couples can utilize, including three patios, living and sitting rooms, a library, and bridal and groom’s suites. We can honestly say that no two weddings are the same in the way that they choose to experience the space. By truly feeling “at home”, guests are able to explore the nooks and crannies while feeling a sense of comfort, history, and elegance all at once.

Darlington House La Jolla

Darlington House La Jolla

Darlington House La Jolla

Katie & Jack’s Wedding // Photography by Fog & Dawn Photography

The Location

You can’t go wrong with being in anywhere in La Jolla, but Darlington House had to take it up a notch by being just a block away from the beach! Needless to say, the property is blessed with beautiful SoCal weather and lush gardens all year round. Located in a quiet and sleepy neighborhood, we love that is in a pretty private location yet still conveniently and centrally located in San Diego, easy for family and friends to find and get to.

Nicole (Owner of NGE) & Oscar’s Wedding // Photography by Kim Marcelo for Chaz Cruz Photography


The History

No matter how many times we walk through this property or however many events they host, we can just feel the sense of history! The Darlington House got its name from owner Sybil Darlington, who bought the property in 1925 and made creative design renovations until 1940. Nearly two decades of construction definitely paid off for this one-of-a-kind venue. Another reason why Darlington House is such a unique venue is that since 1965, it has been owned and operated by the Social Service League of La Jolla, a non-profit public benefit corporation. This means that the profits of the Darlington House continues to support their mission. The estate is so special that, in fact, the San Diego Historical Site Board declared Darlington House a historical landmark in 1995! We appreciate the constant maintenance and preservation of this beautiful space (and we’re not lying when we say that…every time we’re there, it is constant primping and priming to keep the venue as pristine as possible!).

Erica & Sean’s Wedding // Photography by Jen & Shane Photography


The Flexibility

As wedding planners, our role is all about making wedding planning easier on the couple as well as easy on our fellow vendors, especially executing the wedding day. Darlington House is one of those well-oiled venues that genuinely help streamline planning. It’s a breath of fresh air to work with venue coordinators who answer your emails within a day, are able to accommodate walkthroughs/rehearsals throughout the week, will allow you to add/adjust contract time, aren’t going to throw in a bunch of hidden fees/requirements later on, and allow you to to utilize the venue however fits the clients needs. If you’re reading this as a bride/groom/family member, I cannot stress how important it is for your venue to be transparent, communicative, and flexible! Of course every historic site has their requirements to maintain the integrity of the venue but the Darlington House’s policies are no-brainers and legit necessary (for example, yes, your vendors should be licensed and insured professionals and no, you can’t have kegs on the historic tiles). From one type-A organizational-focused professional to another, Darlington House, we appreciate you making it easier on us to do what we do best!

Abby & Sean’s Wedding // Photography by Petula Pea Photography


Interested in learning more about the Darlington House or scheduling a tour? Check out their website & contact page to chat with our favorite team!